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#JUMP #bootcamp #dogtownathletic


  ◦Yes, you can have it all! For just $149/month you can have unlimited fitness classes, open gym and access to skilled fitness instructors. Here at Dogtown, we believe fitness, health and happiness are the keys to succes. We work hard to ensure that each of these components are
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Spartan Race Details

Oakland Spartan Race Team
The date is set and the team has been created.   Date: June 3rd   Location: Toro Park in Monterey.   Start time: 10:15 am   Team Name: Dogtown Warriors   * This is very important for all of us to start at the same time and as a group.) You must enter the team
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WOD 8:4:2015

Your prayers have been answered ( No Shae we haven’t reached 75 reviews yet ) .We heard your concerns and are taking steps to address within our time and budget . Here are some of the improvements you will see in the upcoming weeks or months. In order to be best Crossfit / Boxin
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WOD 7:29:2015

Hi we have a big day tomorrow with our first week of  the Wendler  5/3/1 training program almost wrapping up.  I hope you all feel good and getting the rest that you need to fulfill the requirements of the Wendler Program.  Just a heads up if you have any friends interested in your fi
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WOD 4:1:2015

Aprils Fool by the way… Strength  5X3 Paused Front Squat (3 count pause in rock bottom) – heavy but non-maximal, rest 90 sec. Work  AMRAP 5 Minutes 7 Hang Power Clean  (135/93) 7 Toes‐to‐Bar Rest 2 Minutes, then AMRAP 4 minutes 5 Hang Power Clean (115/83) 5 Toes‐to‐bar * The goa
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WOD 3:9:2015

Strength Front-Squat, 5×5 Work  For Time Run 200-200-200-200 Wall-Ball 40-30-20-1 (M=20/W=14) Midline TBA
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WOD 1:20:2015

  Tuesday Deadlift ( Back-off week ) 3×5 @ 50- 65% Ring/Strict Dips / Box Dips 5-8 reps Work 10x KB Swing @ 44# >/ 53# > 10x Push-up + 25x KB Swing @  44#> / 53# > 10x Push-up + 20x KB Swing @ 44#> / 53# > 10x Push-up + 15x KB Swing @  44#> / 53# > 10
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WOD 1:18:2015

  Monday Back Squat “back off week “ 3×5 @ 50-65 % 3x 3 weighted pull-ups or partner  resisted ) Goblet Squat @ with a weight greater than 35 pounds  for example  44#, 53# , 70# 4x Max reps  in 60 seconds Rest 1 minute between B) (Novice) Against a 9 minute clock… 20-16-12-8
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