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See What our Members Say

Success Saturday

  Success Saturday (on Sunday) goes to none other than Eva.  “ I never thought I would ever make the board.” Well you made the board, and you made feel like the greatest coach in the world.  Keep up the good work.. and stay working.
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March PR’s

              We’re gonna need a bigger PR Board!! Massive shoutout to all of our member’s for being such amazing and inspiring people. Where do we start? There has been so much that has happened in March.  Let’s start with Jane “the pervert” as ment
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Damn your 6 seconds..

best boxing
MAJOR KEY ALERT: One year ago, Jane suffered crushing defeat when she failed her firefighter test by 6 seconds. Fast forward to one year later and she crushed her firefighter test by 2 minutes (TWO WHOLE MINUTES). This is a testament to her dedication and consistency. Jane is consiste
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Where the Pro’s Train

  We had the great opportunity to host Oakland A’s Chris Davis during his off-season training. Chris really took a liking to our little family and thrived. We are looking forward to big things this season from this guy.        
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Judith Ruiz

Judith came to our gym soon after arriving from Mexico. She had never boxed before, but like so many before her, has fallen in love with boxing. At Dogtown Athletic, we are one of the premier West Oakland Boxing gym. Our head trainer, Tony Hirsch, is a WBC Middleweight Champion. Our p
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What brought you to Dogtown Athletic? Did you have specific goals or something you were seeking to change? I got started at Dogtown through my kids.  Bringing them in for their crossfit classes gave me a chance to check out the gym and start a conversation with my trainer.  I was inte
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Michael McCarthy

One Saturday, Mike and his wife walked through our doors. CrossFit?  What is that?  Back Squat?  Not even the bar.  HIIT?  Maybe later…  Now, they are rockstars at the gym.  PR’s?  You betcha.  WODs? Which one?  High Intensity?  Bring it on! Dogtown Athletic is focused on buildi
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Oscar B.

Thought we were just about boxing and CrossFit? Think again. Oscar has been one of our most dedicated members since we first opened doors in October. He has been taking HIIT classes with trainer Alhaji Turay. Watch his story.
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