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  ◦Yes, you can have it all! For just $149/month you can have unlimited fitness classes, open gym and access to skilled fitness instructors. Here at Dogtown, we believe fitness, health and happiness are the keys to succes. We work hard to ensure that each of these components are
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Where the Pro’s Train

  We had the great opportunity to host Oakland A’s Chris Davis during his off-season training. Chris really took a liking to our little family and thrived. We are looking forward to big things this season from this guy.        
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Dogtown Athletic Oakland Crossfit 1:17:2016

15 DeadLift – 155/255# 8 ring dips or Matadors 13 DeadLift – 155/255# 8 ring dips or Matadors 11 DeadLift – 155/255# 8 ring dips or Matadors 9 DeadLift – 155/255# 7 DeadLift – 155/255# 8 ring dips or Matadors 5 DeadLift – 155/255# 8 ring dips or Mat
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MLK Day Schedule 1:18:2016

Crossfit in the Eastbay , Boxing in Oakland

WOD 9:15:2015

Strength (Deload week )  (make up day) 1×5 @ 40% 1×5 @ 50% 1×5 @ 60% Work  AMRAP 15 100 ”  Lunge with plate overhead (45/35#) 30 Abmat- sit-ups 20 Push-Ups Accessory  Waiters  plate carry
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The Push-up series ( Part 3 )

Oakland Crossfit West Oakland
It’s all about making your fitness relevant, and transferable in the real world. If you missed the first two parts of this series. Please go to Part 1 and Part 2.  To be the number one Crossfit Gym in Oakland, is not about how many members we have but making sure we improve your
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WOD 8:11:2015

Gymnastics: Negative Pull-ups Strength: Bench Press 1×5 @ 75% 1×3 @ 85% 1×1+ @95% Work: For time: Run 800 Meters 40 Kettlebell Swings 30 Hand-Release Push-Ups Run 400 Meters 30 Kettlebell Swings 20 Hand-Release Push-Ups Run 200 Meters 20 Kettlebell Swings 10 Hand-Releas
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WOD 7:29:2015

Hi we have a big day tomorrow with our first week of  the Wendler  5/3/1 training program almost wrapping up.  I hope you all feel good and getting the rest that you need to fulfill the requirements of the Wendler Program.  Just a heads up if you have any friends interested in your fi
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