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About Dogtown Athletic

About Dogtown Athletic

We at Dogtown Athletic want to provide the most innovative training facility in the Bay Area. Housed in a 10,000 square foot warehouse style building in West Oakland, sandwiched between the MacArthur and West Oakland Bart stations, we are able to custom tailor a fitness program that matches our members’ goals. Whether you are interested in functional fitness, HIIT, Boxing, Speed & Agility, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or personal training, we have the program for you. Our goal is to bring out the athlete in you and create a fit-minded individual. Whether you are already a professional athlete, or have never worked out before, we can match your goals with our trainers. All we want is for you to want a healthy lifestyle. Show us that commitment, and you will see results. Although we are no longer affiliated with CrossFit, we offer the same functional fitness training. We just call ours MetCon for metabolic conditioning. It incorporates all of the variety of movements that contribute to a highly efficient workout using basic techniques, such as pushing & pulling, squatting & jumping, lifting & throwing. Our equipment is brand new and carefully selected by our trainers and partners. It is all here, waiting for you.

Mission Statement

Be Athletic

That is our Mission at Dogtown Athletic. It does not mean we only want "athletes" at our facility - it means that we believe everyone is an athlete and everyone, everyday, can be athletic. Move, dance, lift weights, sing, meditate. It is all athletic in its own way and we want to create a community of members that will embrace this idea of athleticism and fitness as much as we do.

Fitness isn't a privilege. It is a lifestyle. And we want to ensure that our facility is open and welcoming to all people, young and old, small and large, weak or strong, who just want to be better, be fitter, be athletic.

But not just athletic... Dogtown Athletic.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I be a member month to month?

    • Yes, we have a month-to-month membership plan. The current rate is $179 per month.
  • What is your open gym policy?

    • If there is a class being conducted while you are working out independently, the class takes priority over the area and equipment. As a courtesy, please conduct your training in an area which does not interfere with classes.
  • How many times can I drop-in?

    • Drop-in’s can only be used twice a month by the same person.
    • You can purchase a 10 pack of drop-in sessions for $180.00 saving you $20.00.
  • Can I bring my kids?

    • Yes, but all children must be supervised by an individual other than the person working out, or be old enough to self-entertain. Quiet infants in car seats or strollers may be allowed.
    • Children that are not participating in a CrossFit Kids class are not allowed to play in the gym or use any of the equipment without professional supervision from a trainer. They may stay in the gym or reception area, and are also welcome to do homework in the office.
  • Do you have a place for me to store my bike?

    • Please let us know if you would like to store your bike in the gym while you are working out. We advise you do lock it even if it is in the gym.  We do have a bike rack just outside our main entrance.
  • Do you have showers?

    • Yes, we have 2 showers each in the men’s and women’s locker rooms.
  • What do I do if I want to quit my membership?

    We do not have an administrative fee when you sign up or a lengthy contract, but we only ask that you give us 30 days notice if you wish to cancel, otherwise we will charge the equivalent of a one month membership.
  • How long can I suspend my membership?

    • Memberships can be suspended up to one month for travel or work reasons and up to 3 months for medical reasons ( maternity leave, surgery, etc ) .
    • Suspension of an account requires a 50% percent payment of membership while in suspended state to hold membership status.