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new york times article

Damn your 6 seconds..

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MAJOR KEY ALERT: One year ago, Jane suffered crushing defeat when she failed her firefighter test by 6 seconds. Fast forward to one year later and she crushed her firefighter test by 2 minutes (TWO WHOLE MINUTES). This is a testament to her dedication and consistency. Jane is consiste
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WOD 1:13:2015

Strength Deadlift (5,3,1) last set of one should be heavy and attempt to get as many reps as possible.) Bent- KettleBell Row 3×8 Work 3 or 5 rounds: 10 BW DL 10 2pd swings 10 burpee pull-ups ( beginners Burpees only) Cool- Down..  
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In the Media: “CrossFit programs for kids focus on the FUN”

    High-Fives, Not High Reps CrossFit Programs for Preschoolers Focus on Fun Click on the link below for the article By MARY PILON  that was featured OCT. 1, 2014.
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