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Boxing in Oakland

Spartan Race Details

Oakland Spartan Race Team
The date is set and the team has been created.   Date: June 3rd   Location: Toro Park in Monterey.   Start time: 10:15 am   Team Name: Dogtown Warriors   * This is very important for all of us to start at the same time and as a group.) You must enter the team
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WOD 10:06:2015

                  Strength: 20 Rep Back Squat   ( if you can ) 60 % of 1RM Back Squat Rest 5- 8 Mins ( you’re gonna need it   *next week add 5 pounds and repeat Work: 6 RFT; 200m Sprint 15 Push-ups 15 KBS@32kg Accessory: 4x 10 Plank R
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WOD 10:5:2015

Clean and Jerk Testing. 20 Minutes to work up to Maximal Clean and Jerk. * Please log results will be important in the upcoming weeks. Work: Max in 12mins; 6 Thrusters @ 65 /95 6 Burpee Box Jumps @ 20 / 24# Accessory: 3x 10 Toes to Bar . Cool Down     
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