WOD 8:3:2015 | Dogtown Athletic - Oakland Boxing and Oakland CrossFit

WOD 8:3:2015


3×3 ¬†( Back Squat)

1×3 @70%

1×3 @80%

1×3+@ 90%


Stiff Karen:

With a partner,

300 Wall Balls 20/14#

For time.

*ball can never touch the ground, partner not doing wall ball must hold hollow or arch*


50 AB Wheels

Hey Y’all week two of our Wendler Strength program. I hope you all rested up and enjoyed some of this perfect Oakland weather. Who’s ready for a great week of Crossfit WOD’s and moving some weight. Some ¬†housekeeping, Our super bearded coach Matt Andrus just his little baby girl make sure and tell him Congrats when you see him. Our first official Crossfit – Onramp coming in a few weeks let your friends know it’s about to go down at Dogtown.


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