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Zen Planner Implementation

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Our beta testing is over, and Zen planner is ready to go. If you were some of the first people to test out the site and app. Congrats you all were very integral in the implementation of this program.

 Please sign up for our member site and download the Zen Planner app for  Apple  or Android.  Search for (  Zen Planner Member app )  Your login is the email address you used when you first signed up for the gym. Once you’ve have entered your email address just click “lost my password” and you will be prompted to enter a new password.

 I will be transitioning away from the weekly Facebook photo of the workouts over the coming weeks. The only  way to know  what’s coming will be via the app or site.

 The app also works for all of our programs HIIT , Metcon and Boxing.

 Here are some of the benefits of using the app and site.


  • The Zen Planner member app allows you :
  • View the gym’s calendar
  • See who else is coming to your favorite class
  • Add and manage your saved credit cards
  • View details about your membership access
  • Update your profile and display options
  • View and manage your upcoming reservations
  • Track workouts and log results
  • View the gym’s leaderboard and  comment on others’ results



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