WOD 7:31:2015 | Dogtown Athletic - Oakland Boxing and Oakland CrossFit

WOD 7:31:2015

Just wanted to throw a heads-up your way and say everyone has been performing very well during the first week of Wendler 5/3/1 Strength cycle. I have noticed some of you have been feeling great and hitting numbers you haven’t struck in a while. Keep up the good work. Next week will be a heavier week and  lil bit more intense in terms of the WODs for example we have a  rope climb WOD thrown in the mix and a monster Wall- Ball WOD as well. I wanted to make sure you all are  eating enough calories and getting enough sleep in order to recover efficiently. Recovery  is everything when it comes to being the strongest Crossfit Gym in the Oakland / Eastbay area.

I have noticed a change in the community of the gym, members are sticking around longer and cheering on other members while they’re still finishing the WOD. This is the essence of Crossfit and this is environment I want foster at Dogtown. The saying “ no one is finished until everyone is finished”  will hold true to our  budding Crossfit / Boxing family.  Ok enough yapping #Onward to next week.   ( have you gotten in you’re reviews for Yelp or Google+ yet let’s get this 75 reviews


3×5 Deadlift

1×5 @ 65 %

1×5 @ 75 %

1×5+ @ 85 %


Badger ( Hero WOD)

3 rounds for time

30 Squat Cleans with 95#/ 65#

30 Pull-ups

800 meter run


3×10  Leg Lifts

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