WOD 4:7:2015 | Dogtown Athletic - Oakland Boxing and Oakland CrossFit

WOD 4:7:2015


Back Squat

7X3 @ 80-85 %


150 Burpees for time ( yes really, no April Fool’s joke… )

The burpee  is probably the most important you can do for yourself outside of squatting.  Some of the members  inquired why I love the burpee so much? Because it sucks, and how do you get better at things that suck ? by doing them repeatedly in practice and training.

This workout is vastly different than yesterday’s training session. I want you all to keep in mind we are training for intensity.  Find a pace and stick with it, I want you all to find your place of discomfort and stay there.  In the Upcoming weeks I will have several write ups about the programming for Hella Crossfit / Dogtown Athletic.


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