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Whoops, that was confusing!

Whoops, that was confusing!

We apologize if you received a couple emails last week that were confusing. It was simply meant to offer you a way to update your payment information online. You do not need to sign up for your classes online. That option is not being offered at this time.



Introducing the Triple-F Special: aka Friends & Family of Founders

Hello Dogtown Athletes!

We are all about our community. We want to expand locally and continue to grow our community.

We appreciate our original Founders Members so much! You believed in our gym when we were just opening our doors. You waited patiently for showers. You understood when we didn’t yet have morning boxing or CrossFit every evening. You tolerated us as we figured out how to implement keycards and automatic payment systems. You gently remind us when we run out of Muscle Milk.

You have grown with us in strength, agility, and stamina by coming in. We see the milestones you have achieved and we are as proud of you as you should be of yourselves. And although your $100/month membership was intended for 3 classes/week, we were excited to see your faces come in everyday, sometimes twice a day! We were just thrilled that you were so dedicated to your work out.

In just 7 months, we have a great community of members that know each other, get fit together, support each other, and hang out together. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to bring YOUR community to OUR community. We are giving each of our Founders Members 3 invitations that you can offer to 3 of your friends who may have been curious where you spend so much of your free time, or how you decompress, or how you stay fit. They can get in, thanks to you, at your special rate of $100/month.

However, we want our Founders Members to know that you are special and unique for supporting us in the early months and we don’t want to dilute your membership. So we will be upgrading your status to be “officially” unlimited, and your guests will be capped at 3 classes/wk for that $100 rate.

For those of you that are receiving this newsletter and are not yet members, ask a Founders Member that you know to give you an invitation if you want to join at this special rate.

If you joined after the first 100 Founders Members were completed, we want you to know that you too are much appreciated. You can choose 3 classes/wk at $100/month or for $149/month, be upgraded to unlimited classes.

Please check our website soon for details on the Triple-F Special.

With thanks and gratitude,

Chris & Dan

Owners, Dogtown Athletic Inc.


The Dogtown Family

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