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So now that the CrossFit Open is over, most of you like where  you have placed in the Open and some of you are  really upset with your current results and with that I would like the members of  Hella CrossFit to focus on the upcoming goals for rest of 2015. I think any improvement in your athletic ability would be better  pursued with your goals written down, and shared with other members of the gym. For example my goals for 2015:

Deadlifts 600 pounds,
8 minute mile
Clean+ Jerk 315#
Snatch 305#
Also I would like to drop about 30 pounds of body weight. With my goals now written down, I now have a framework to work off of  and to plan my training and to focus on for the next 12 months. I would like you all to take a couple days to figure out what your goals are in terms of fitness and lifestyle and write them down.  I would also like to add don’t sandbag your goals for example ” I would like to backsquat 200 pounds ” but you already have a 198 pound backsquat.. That’s sandbagging. Make your goals hard, make them seem almost impossible, make your goals the fire that lights up your life.  Fabien out .
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