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February PR’s


February PR’s: Shout out to all of you guys who came in and killed it last month. We have some extraordinary stuff going on here.


Africa got her first strict push-up, a big part of Africa’s continued gains is that she consistently shows up and works.


Melissa Bates with a new Clean and Jerk PR of 150 #. We are really excited to see what the future holds for her.


Then we have Kazia who continues to show great consistency and progress with another Clean and Jerk PR of 78#.


Ana came through and really showed her strength and crushed her Power Clean personal best.


Lastly Jordyn (BloodGate) did her first weighted pull-up and made it look easy.


Keep up the good work, keep coming in, keep working and keep growing. We now have another month of growth in front of us.

Oh I almost forgot, shoutout to Audrey for getting the fastest time in 17.1…

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