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Dog days


IMG_5223Today was our first “official” day that we were open for business.
That said, we have much still to do.
That said, people have been working out here all month.

We were at the gym at the crack of dawn and didn’t leave until nearly 10pm, and that was only because the kids had to get to bed for school. Poor Jose was cleaning for hours, roofers were repairing a leak, Dan was on the phone with PG&E, and Tom was meeting with the building inspector.

But the oddest thing was that Erica, one of our original crew of loyal boxers, found a dog wandering the street nearby. She rescued her from being run over by speeding cars in front of the gym. She had a collar and a chip, but no one is claiming her.

It seems like she was meant to be with us…our gym mascot. She kind of looks like the cerberus dog on our logo. And she is a beautiful blue gray color. What do you think? Should we keep her? Mason (our chocolate lab) might get jealous.