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Crossfit Update 2016

Hey guys, welcome to 2016,  I wanted to drop a line about the future of the Crossfit Program at Dogtown Athletic.

Onramp Program

The Onramp program has been revamped and truncated to three days for beginners. The program will focus on the fundamental movements essential to Crossfit and Fitness success. All new members participating in Crossfit MUST complete at least three days of Onramp program.  The Onramp program will be featured weekly without sign up. The new schedule for our Onramp program will be Monday Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 pm.

If the current schedule does not work for new members. I offer a  personal Onramp package at an additional cost.

Additional Classes

Are there time slots you all would like to see? 5pm ? etc ? Please let me know and if the demand is there, I will try and fill it.

Skill Development

Beginning the week of Monday the 11th of January, I will feature two skills development clinics at the starting of training sessions on Monday’s Thursday and possible Saturday’s dependent on the training session. The skill development session will approximately be 15-20 minutes long and focusing on developing the skills to be proficient at Crossfit.  From time to time I will have specialty clinics from subject matter experts.

The Crossfit Open

The “Crossfit Open” is quickly approaching and I would love for us to have a large turn out this year. This is a great way to measure your fitness and to push yourself among your peers.  I will release further details about the Open when it gets closer.

Competitive Crossfit.

In the upcoming weeks, I will be forming a Competitive Crossfit program. This program is geared to individuals with the desire to compete at local and regional level fitness competition. The program will feature additional work to further build your fitness capacity as an athlete .  We need a “ catchy” team name, any suggestions would be considered. All are welcomed.


Spartan Race

Anyone interested in attempting a Spartan Race in June ? It would be great if we formed a team for the Monterey Spartan Race. Last year we had a blast and I am looking forward to create some good times this year.


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