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Crossfit News :

Row-tober has been rescheduled and renamed to Row-vember. Row-vember will begin the 26th of October and conclude the day before ThanksGiving which is the 26th of November. Team selection will begin once the roster has been finalized. Any questions, please contact me for further details.

Next week Crossfit schedule will be very challenging due to the high amount of Olympic Lifting and the addition of the 20 Rep Back Squat program. Our 20 Rep Back Squat will be implemented on Tuesdays with make-up days on Thursday for those of you who might miss the gains ( pain) of this Squatting Program.
The details of this program lie in the previous weeks of testing we did, during the Wendler Cycle. The numbers you all obtained during the squat portion of the training cycle will be the basis for establishing your 20 Reps start weight. You will take the numbers from your Squat and find 60% of that number squat it for 20 reps. ( sounds easy)
Starting the next week, you’ll add 5 to 10 pounds depending on how you feel and squat once again for another 20 reps. This program takes approximately 6 weeks to complete and you’ll notice significant gains in your Back Squat, additionally you’ll also gain some the muscle due to the high-volume squat work.
For the remainder of the year, the Crossfit Program will be heavily focusing on the Olympic Lift and their derivates. The Lifts will be trained on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Initally the program will conduct drills and skills to help members with the lifts. Then we shall transistion into heavier lifts.
Lastly, I am seeking interest in an Olympic lifting clinic conducted on Saturdays between 10-11:30 . If you’re interested please leave a comment at the bottom stating interest in the program.
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